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Alive and very, very gay

Thursday Apr 29, 2021, 5:45 AM




Last online: 1-15-2022 7:46pm
  • Gender: genderfluid/genderqueer/xenogender (any of those works) (he/they/xe/spook/ghost/⭐️/)
  • Gay, Homo, Usa
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Hey! I’m Virgil, and I’m new to the kandi world. I’ve only made 3 or 4 simple cuffs, but I really want to get into the bigger world of kandi soon.

i like she-ra, my hero academia, toilet bound hanako kun, magnus chase, welcome to night vale, hunter x hunter, minecraft (trying to get into mcyt), sally face, stardew valley, omori, undertale, deltarune, (oh god there’s so much I’m stopping here)


im a minor, please don’t be creepy. you can pm me though if you want to be friends! just know that I don’t come online very often so the time frame in which I might see your message ranges from 2 minutes to a month.

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MY FIRST UFO CUFF!!!!! (tw Sh Scars)
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