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  • Gender: no gender with left boy (he/they/it/sey/blood/vamp/fang/gore/drip/bite/honk/umbre)
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~haii i have many namez but i mainly go by ouma :3 im a v masc leaning enby w a lota pronouns lol. im demisexual + gay + polyam w two bfs!!

~im v hyperfixated on danganronpa (all games) nd have been for like,, more than a year lol. i also like things like yttd, akudama drive, witchs heart, ena, starkid, inmimb, and lotsa random horror movies (usually japanese ones, like signal 100 and suicide club)

~i have a DA to kokichi ouma soo yah (btw plz dont call me kokichi, jus ouma ':3 only ppl im like rlly close to can call me kokichi). high to low kinlist!!! highs: cutthroat (akudama), shin tsukimi (yttd), kazuichi soda (sdr2), umbreon (pkmn) mids: ashe bradley (wh), rantaro amami (ndrv3), mind electric (song), professor hidgens (starkid), nagito komaeda (sdr2) lows: jataro kemuri (udg), ranmaru kageyama (yttd), leon kuwata (dr1), snufkin (moomins)

~sumtimes have a typing quirk/weird typin style, dont use numbers much tho do if u cant read those well then dw!!! :D

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