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i peepeed

Friday Apr 23, 2021, 6:51 PM




Last online: 5-05-2021 12:19pm
  • Gender: male (it/vamp/clown/he)
  • Babykataville, Pisslandia
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i peed m pants - my bvssy tastes like pepsi cola eieiooo <3 - baby kata is my religion

i like artists such as mcr, kittie, christian death, msi, radiohead, mitski, icp, leathermouth, ptv, ayesha erotica,the cure, falling in reverse, daddy issues, mccafferty, bratmobile, the used, & siouxsie and the banshees

(but my favorites are mcr, kittie, msi, radiohead, mtski, christian death and ptv tho)

i like danganronpa, life on the murder scene, invazer zim, & sanrio

@babykataismysavior died because i bullied them too hard,,,,, rip shorty

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