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neil cicierega my b3lov3d

Wednesday Jun 23, 2021, 10:52 PM




Last online: 6-18-2021 2:06am
  • Gender: demi girl
  • 1dk Mayb3 Som3wh3r3 1n Cal1forn1a
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---official swag certificate recipient from @swag themself on 6/21/21---

uhmm h1 my nam3s patches


pronouns: she/they/them/it/its/bun/buns/end/ender/nya/nyan


1n m1ddl3 school so dont b3 cr33py

1nt3r3sts: homestuck, danganronpa, dream smp, omori, fnaf, anime, vocaloid, undertale, ddlc, animal crossing, adventure time, and kand1!!

!!feel free to ask for translations!!

ton3 tags ar3 v3ry much appr3c1at3d

a kokichi k1nn13

DNI: animesexual or anything like that, racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-neopronouns, trump supporters

hyp3rf1xat3d on th3 dsmp, lemon demon, and south park !!

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Food Th3m3d S1ngl3s
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