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Saturday Mar 12, 2022, 3:59 PM




Last online: 10-16-2022 11:26pm
  • Gender: ????? (any pronouns)
  • Freddy Fatbear's Pizzeria
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---official swag certificate recipient from @swag themself on 6/21/21---

hiiii my name is bug!!

i go by any pronouns (they/he/she) and am pan !

in middle school so dont be creepy

my discord is bugzz#7366 if you wanna chat<4 lmk ur from here:)

interests: homestuck, walten files, omori, fnaf, ddlc, animal crossing, and ofc kandi!!

my fav artists are destroy boys, ptv, los campesinos, lovejoy, jack stauber, will wood, lemon demon, mitski, dazey and the scouts, tally hall, n the garden:p ( my spotify is linked !)

tone tags are very much appreciated!!

DNI: animesexual, dreamsexual (or anything like that), racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-neopronouns, anti- xenogenders, trump supporter


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