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Drink some water Kiddos......Dehydration is REAL

Thursday Apr 22, 2021, 6:10 PM




  • Gender: female (she/her/fox/vixen)
  • Halloween Town, Holiday Purgatory
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Hello to the human beans of this website platform, I am Mace! and no- sadly it is not an angsty title but rather I just yeeted the 'Y' off the end of my name into oblivion. Hey! I'm new here. Feel free to message me, I'm bored as heck. If you get on my good side chances are I'll do favors for you. I am looking for a favorite human bean at the moment.

If you friend me thanks, that's great I appreciate it.

Have a noice day! ......or not, I can't control how you live your life.

~If you must know More about me~

I like urban legends, anything spooky, fur and fuzzy things

I am PASTEL PUNK and I wear tails.... so there's that.... if you have a question about it just ask.

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