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Ahshsnahsb watching death note brb

Tuesday Nov 9, 2021, 3:56 PM




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irl chihiro & mitsuba/srs


tone tags appreciated!!

im a minor so dont be werid around me ://

I'm a beginner when it comes 2 making kandi, but it's really fun for me! As u could probably tell, I love Danganronpa, especially Chihiro! I also really love Makoto, Ibuki, and Chiaki!

i no like hisoka

ok but if u haven't heard the one cover of Gimmie×Gimmie with Len & Kaito where Len hits that high note u are MISSING OUT! Also Len's sassy high kick in Snowman ✨✨✨

Things I talk abt a lot: dr, hxh, vocaloid, tbhk, sk8 and kpop ^^

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Kandi Crown :3
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Blue Star Necklace <3
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