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Swimming, Water Slides, Diving Boards, Stoner Sunglasses, and My Babes With Me! Haha. Fuckin Amazinqq Day! :D

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Here's Some Shit About Me: -I'm Alexis. -I'm 14 Going On 15 In About 3 Months. -I'm 5'5" -I Love Music, Chillin' With Friends, Swimming, Texting, Singing, and Chillin' At Lakeside Park! :D -I'm A Nice Person, Up Until Someone Pisses Me The Hell Off. Then I Tend To Turn Into A Huge Bitch. -I Love My Babes. They Are The Best! -Music Is My Life. If There Was No Music... My Life Would Be An Empty Hole That Would NEVER. BE. FILLED! I'd Go Insane If I Couldn't Be Able To Listen To The Very Music That Is My Soul AND My Life! -I Recently Have Declared That I Won't Date For Awhile. I Have Been Through Over 30 Relationships In About 1 1/2 Years. Each Have Been WAY Unsuccessful. ANYWAYS..... I've Been Dumped So Much That I Am Used To The Heart Break, So If I Ever Get Dumped Again... I Will Feel No Emotion About It. -Out Of All The Babes I Have.... My Favorite One Is Blake! Blake Is Funny, Amazing, Nice, Sweet, and The Coolest! :D If You Were To Ever Meet Him... You'd Like Him In An Instant! He Is So Fucking Nice! Me And Him Have So Many Amazing Conversations, Phone Calls, and Jokes! Whenever I'm Upset Or Feeling Down About Anything... I Go To Him and He Makes Me Feel Much Better. I LOVE THAT BOY! :'3 I'd Go The Extra Mile For Him, Take A Bullet For Him, or Even DIE For Him. He Means ALOT To Me. He's My Babe. Yeah... I Know. I'm Talking Too Much. ANYWAYS.......... Uhm.... -I Listen To A Bunch Of Screamo Music. -I Have A Cat and A Dog. -I ALSO Have 1 Brother, 1 Sister, and 1 Half Sister. My Half Sister Is A BITCH. Yeah.... Hm.... What Else Is There To Talk About? OH.. :D -I Sing.... Like ALOT! I'd Be Sitting In The Middle Of Class, Chillin With Friends, Watching A Movie, or Even Be In The Shower..... and All You Could Hear, From Out Of No Where, Is Me Just Singing. Haha. Like Even Now As I'm Writing This... I'm Singing IF I'M JAMES DEAN, THEN YOU'RE AUDREY HEPBURN By SLEEPING WITH SIRENS. :) Well........ That's Pretty Much All I Can Think Of For Now. Tired Of Reading It? Cause I'm Tired Of Typing It. Ha. Uhm..... Send Me A Message If You Want To Talk..... Don't Be Afraid. I Don't Bite.... Hard. ;D


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