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“What’s the kindest way to say, you took away my friend, my buddy? What’s the kindest way to say, the end?” -Jack Stauber

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Hiya I’m Jax!! I’m polysexual (for men and men aligned people only t4t) (maybe vincian?) and I like to make kandi >D My subculture is scemo (a mix of scene and emo)!! Once I get to making new kandi I will post some pictures!!

Neopronoun Info:

Ze/Zim: “Ze went to the store all by zimself!!”

Gir/Girs/Girself: “Have you seen girs outfit today? Gir picked it out girself!!”

Rawr/Rawrs/Rawrself: “Rawr went to the store today with rawr’s friend, rawr did it all by rawrself!!”

Honk/Honks/Honkself: “Did you see the new kandi honk made today? I can’t believe honk can make it all by honkself!”

Vamp/Vamps/Vampself: “I’m happy that vamp has been making more friends lately, vamp has even done it all by vampself!!”

Remember to use a mix of neos and he/him in ur sentences, mix and match and have fun!!

P.S. ur really cool for reading this!! Reading pog!!

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