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I’ve only made one kandi cuff and I’m here to get better. I’m friending anyone with a Dream SMP pfp. Also, “Welcome home, Theseus!”

Monday Apr 5, 2021, 7:36 PM




Last online: 5-18-2021 9:17am

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Hiya, you can call me Lukas, Prince, or Wolf. I got my username from a combination of a character that I love, Prince Noctis Lucis Caleum, a bit of a Green Day song, and my own(kinda failed)band

For finding similar experiences, I’m 17, hs junior, trans, bi, ace, adhd, gifted, and possibly on the autism spectrum(looking into it

For those of you who understand the reference, I’m a Ravenclaw(with strong Hufflepuff tendencies tho), Blue Paladin, Killjoy, Syndicate Member(love Fiancés tho), Hunter(SPN), For the Honor of Grayskull, The Black Hearts Club, student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters


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