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listening to everywhere at the end of time:)))) i am not ok^^

Monday Apr 5, 2021, 7:01 PM




Last online: 11-19-2021 7:58am
  • Gender: agender/nonbinary (they/them he/him it/its)
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hihihi my name's ghost and i'm really cool so you should be my friend^^ uh i'm 13, agender/transmasc, and a cosplayer!!

interests/fandoms: MORIARTY THE PATRIOT IF YOU'VE WATCHED/READ IT ILY OMG , kakegurui, sally face, fnf, miracle musical (not really a fandom BUT IF YOU LISTEN TO MIRACLE MUSICAL PLZ MARRY ME RN/p), sorta danganronpa, and the backrooms/liminal space!!

i'm kinda new to kandi but i love making menhara themed cuffs and perlers so my patterns are gonna be mainly those^-^

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