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★Just ordered beads woohoo★

Thursday May 6, 2021, 7:51 AM




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I'm Theo (I also go by Cherri or Moss)

I use they/them prns but she/her also works and I'm Bi

I'm 12 years old

I've been making singles for a few years but only really got into kandi a little less than a month ago

I have adhd and anxiety so please bare with me

I really love decora and kidcore fashion

Some of my interests are Minecraft, Danganronpa, Your Turn To Die, Bnha (However I am scared of the fandom), HxH

I'm currently watching/ getting into Naruto, Aot, Demon Slayer, Tbhk, and Fnf

My favorite colors are yellow and purple though I love anything bright

I have some cosplans but I haven't got around to them yet

My disc is 76 Worms In A Trenchcoat#4023 so feel free to add me there if you want to be friends!!

(Pfp is from shslartists picrew!!)

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