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"And keep it down! Do you wanna wake up the whole planet?" "I do : )"

Monday Aug 2, 2021, 9:54 AM




Last online: 9-23-2021 4:17pm

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---official swag certificate recipient from @swag themself on 6/29/21---


//no quirk//





Guide to my typing thing! (not using quirk atm!!!)

1 = I

4 = A

0 = O

33 = EE

Double w's and v's (wwell, vvery, etc)

Z=S (but only at the end of sentences!!! (sentencez, beadz, etc)


I like Invader Zim, YTTD, DDLC, baking (I'm not good at it but still-), Danganronpa, Vocaloid, Mother Mother, Lemon Demon, The Scary Jokes, Tally Hall, bo en, Jack Stauber, Penelope Scott, Ricky Montgomery, Mitski, anime, Undertale, stuff like that!

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