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love yall

Sunday May 22, 2022, 12:42 PM




Last online: 2-06-2023 9:19pm
  • Gender: Genderfluid (They/Them, She/Her, It/Its, Xe/Xem)
  • Misery- I Mean Missouri, USA
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I'm Matthias, I'm Genderfluid, Pansexual, I don't care what pronouns are used for me! some artist i like are Hobo Johnson, Glass Animals, Cavetown, Mother Mother, Girl in red, and some others i cant think of rn. My aesthetic is Fairy kei, Babycore, and Kidcore :3 I play drums in both a school band and in a band with my friends which is kinda cool i think. i LOVE MAKING KANDI!1!1! I have 2 precious babies named Spork and Toga who are my whole world!!! ask me about them :) I also kin the boy from the tundra in To Your Eternity!1! (A.K.A Fushi's first human form) and Howl from Howls moving castle. Some things i like are: HxH, MHA, Cells at Work, DDLC, To your eternity, TBHK, DHMIS, Salad Fingers, Fruits Basket, and Musicals in general

If you're reading this don't be shy add me <3 also add my friend Kandi_Thomas, and Silver_Aspen they're all super swag ^-^


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