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☾i swear if i lose my pencil one more time-☽

Tuesday Apr 20, 2021, 2:09 PM




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hihi! im danni/searabbit your choice :p

im a minor so don't be weird, i joined on 3-17-21 :) | okay here's my proper introduction. i'm danni or searabbit :), im 13, things that i'm currently really into if homestuck, danganronpa, popee the performer, mcyt, etc. | random facts about me: my favorite colo(u)r is green, my favorite animal is either a raccoon, frog, or a crab :), my biggest fear is cotton balls (there's a phobia on it as well) i have anger issues :(, and a random fact, i used to have a tic that was and i quote ¨what the f- is up kyle¨ do with that information if you will :) my socials: twitch: _cxerry_cxla | tiktok: ._cxerry_cxla |snap: cxerry_cxlaa and my roblox is vidgamelover2 :)) my discord is danni (mushroom emoji)#2826 :))

Kye0615 is my tubbo, so go follow them, their swaggy :))

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