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※ Hello, I'm Ace!! I'm aro/ace, and start making kandi in September 2020.

※ generally, I like history, greek mythology, commentary/video essays, internet history, reading, writing, plushies, and minecraft and mcyts (mainly the empires/traffic life crew).

※ my current specific likes are stranger things, puppet history, and the magnus archives.

♪♪ My favorite music artists are Lemon Demon, Lovejoy, Bo Burnham, Penelope Scott, The Oh Hellos, Mitski, Cavetown, Jack Stauber, Ratwyfe, and Wilbur. I also like musicals, my favorite is spies are forever. (I have a spotify under AceNeedsAlife as well!)

※ Not a big talker very very anxious, but willing to chat. am lonely.


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