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"There he iz! There'z my favorite white boy!!"

Friday Mar 26, 2021, 10:07 AM




Last online: 3-23-2021 4:19am
  • Gender: Demi boy (He/him, they/them)
  • I Live In A Dollhouse Full Of Idiots
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Hewwo! I'm Mike! It'z nice to meet ya! Thankz for stopping by!, I go by he/they, I am bizexual and taken, I really like meeting new people! But zometimes I'm a bit zhy qwq, I have a typing quirk so I'm zorry if you don't underztand me zometimes, I am a minor zo don't be creepy, Im really into the dream zmp, Minecraft, Jzchlatt, drawing, cozplay, and much more! If you wanna talk more my dizcord is Mike The Moon#5180 or of you wanna just add me and I'll add ya back!


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