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hello, i’m ash (what a unique name right?) but i’ll also respond to inxxiety or inx lol. also, ill accept any friend requests :) (not bc i’m nice, i’m just lonley asf-) i’m to stupid to work the social links thing so its here v v v

discord: inxxiety#6877

snapchat: (ask)

minecraft: inxxiety

roblox: inxxiety (computer) kanashi_w (mobile) (i dont really play roblox unless u ask me to)


sketchersunited: @inxxiety

twitch: inxxiety (i dont stream, but i might in the future)

newgrounds: inxxiety

devianart: inxxiety (i rarely go on divian art)

xbox app: inxxiety

uH- idk what to put- this probably won’t be my official bio lol

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