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Not active on here anymore. Find me on Spacehey and Discord if you want to talk.

Wednesday Jun 8, 2022, 7:54 PM




Last online: 6-04-2022 6:10pm

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Hello! I'm Vincent! You can call me Vinny tho

Please read my bio byi.


♡General Info!♡

I am a minor! Please don't be weird or anything.

Please let me know if you're abt to dm me if you can.

Add me on discord!! FunkyyPenilian #9543

I am a Trans guy. I am also Pan, and Poly.

I'm Fictionkin! It's really not something i'm too open with about tho. My main kins are TKO and KO


In order to most hyperfixated.

Ok K.O.: Let's Be Heroes! , Hazy River (FNF Mod), Monster High, FNaF, Pico's School


Drawing, acting, writing, and obviously, making Kandi!


Vylet Pony, Sodikken, Atsuover, The Living Tombstone, Ashnikko, Hatsune Miku


DSMP fans/supporters ,Vivziepop Fans (Like Hazbin Hotel or Helluva Boss.) THOSE MHA fans, Homophobes, Transphobes, People who like "Yaoi" or "Yuri" that's just disgusting, Anit-Xenogenders/Neopronouns, Zoophiles, Pro-Shippers, and other general nasties.


Also i like using exclamation marks if that already wasn't clear enough.

Feel free to friend Request me or DM me, I love meeting new people!

Thank you!

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Glamrock Freddy!
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