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my friends think i want professor venomous to step on me with his big heels and i'm not sure where they got that from

Tuesday May 17, 2022, 1:35 PM




Last online: 5-16-2022 4:54pm

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Hello! I'm Fritz (Fiz is my nickname!!)

Please read my bio before friend requesting/DMing!


♡General Info!♡

I am a minor! Please don't be weird or anything.

I am a Trans guy. I am also Pan, and Poly.

I hate seeing vents on this website, please stop it. Find somewhere else to do that stuff.

Check out my Sketchers United!I don't post too often.


(Main) means i'm super hyperfixated on it.

Ok K.O.: Let's Be Heroes! (Main) , Five Nights at Freddy's (Main) , Blueycapsules, Pico's School( Main) , Sonic The Hedgehog, and Tankmen.


Drawing, acting, writing, and obviously, making Kandi!


Vylet Pony, Sodikken, Atsuover, The Living Tombstone, Ashnikko, Hatsune Miku


DSMP fans, Homophobes, Transphobes, Anit-Xenogenders/Neopronouns, Zoophiles, Pro-Shippers, and other general nasties.


(Main) means that I kin them the most out of all of my kins.

K.O. (Main), T.K.O. (Main) Lord Boxman, Enid, Michael Afton, Gregory, Funtime Foxy, Alucard(Main), and Steve.


Also i like using exclaimation marks if that already wasn't clear enough.

Feel free to friend Request me or DM me, I love meeting new people!

Thank you!

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Glamrock Freddy!
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