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hai rawr.

Tuesday Mar 16, 2021, 6:09 PM




Last online: 4-01-2021 11:36pm
  • Gender: psssh dont ask me (*lookz around n whispers*-genderfluid-) ( zip/zipz, nya/nyan, grr/grrz, bat/batz )
  • Jabberwock Island
  • https://pronouny.xyz/u/gothkawaii
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  • hello! *sipz panta in kokichi kinnie* //namez!!! kitty-nagito/komaeda
  • i liek danganronpa, yttd, mlp, care bearz, acnh, kandi(ofc), and art.
  • -really focusing/fixating on dr nd kandi rn jejdkjdkd sorry if thatz all i talk abt
  • i have social anxiety and im nd so pleas bear with me lawl.
  • remembered i have a prounouny so pleas check that out!!! <333
  • iā€™m into 7r4um4c0r3 kidcore n lovecore lmao
  • hyperfixatin onn: kokichi n ibukiii!,
  • IRL NAGITO!!!!(DA)

uh typin qwirk ig??? sumtimez u=w, s=z, please=pleas, like=liek

  • if u need me to transl8 i can ^_

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Pink & Blue Small Cuff!!
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Kandi Otd
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