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//now playing\\ - |☆One Day - lovejoy ♫꒰・‿・๑꒱☆|-

Tuesday May 11, 2021, 10:36 PM




Last online: 9-20-2021 12:29am

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-☆★☆-“one day, i’ll focus on the future maybe-”- One Day-lovejoy

-was RAWRGRR and himikoxx

  • hello!,! i hope your doing well :). you can call me flower,, kitty,, tommy, or ny of my kin names//names on my pronouny ^^
  • i am SO hyper fixated on kandi rn it’s not even funny
  • if you’d like to talk w// me abt ny of my interests PLEASE hmu!!!! ♡
  • i also like dr, yttd, plushies,, mc,, catghost,, twf, and acnh ^^
  • i am,! nd,autistiic, and also like a rlly bad talker//typer so!! i’m sorry plz bear with me lawl.
  • i am tommyinnit (dsmp) and nagito komaeda (sdr2)!!^^ thats who i am oh yeah oh yeah B
  • PLEASE say i’m poggers and ily (platonically)it rlly makes me feel nice n cool :)
  • i’m into lovecore, dreamcore, hospitalcore, tr4um4c0r3
  • oh and im a system host lawlz

if your a c!dream supporter or c!jschlatt supporter, dni. /srss

-☆★☆-“the only one who can give me answers is myself..”- Ranboo :(

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Pink & Blue Small Cuff!!
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Kandi Otd
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