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H111 1m Tw33k!

1m 4ut1st1c, dyzl3x1c, 1 h4v3 4DHD, 4nd 0CD(S4d1y h4s c4uz3d Psychosis), try1ng t0 g3t d14gn0s1s f0r d1d

s0m3th1ng h4rd t0 3xpl41n(h4d t0 tr4nzl4t3 my typ1ng qu1rk);

I do have DA(delusional attachment), to the character Tweek Tweak. its not a constant thing, its more episodes if anything. Psychosis is a symptom not a mental illness! it happens because of the fact I have OCD and it is a symptom of OCD. To describe it, sometimes I 100% believe I am Tweek Tweak /srs.

but I also show signs of DID(Dissociative Identity Disorder). As I have had a time where I dont believe it was a DA "episode"(as I had no memory of the events that happened) . I show a lot more signs but that'll take to long, so there are chances are I am a host of a system and have DA, and may also have a Tweek Tweak alter.

DNI; Reality checkers, R@cist, homophobic, transphobic, jerks in general, Ableists

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