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Hiiii! I'm new here, but I just found out about scenecore and started to get REALLY into it, so I thought I would try to get into it a bit more by making some KANDI DESIGNS!! Aaaaand I might just type like a neon teen on MySpace in 2004, if I feel like it X3

Friday Feb 26, 2021, 9:22 PM




Last online: 10-21-2021 9:02pm
  • Gender: Demiboy! (He/They/Pup/Corpse)
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- My name iz Sam, and I really like looking at kandi designz, but don't have any beadz for it yet ;<

- I like Goblincore and Scenecore, and I ocassionally age regress!

- My music taste is mostly just Lemon Demon, S3RL, Cavetown, Cosmo Sheldrake, 9TAILS, Ayesha Erotica, and Jack Stauber :3

- Please use tone tagz when talking to me, cuz I'm nd !1!

- Don't be afraid to friend me if you want!! ^-^


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Rainbow DOMO
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