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"wap stands for waffles and pancakes" - me, your local fat and hungry ace

Saturday Sep 11, 2021, 6:41 PM




Last online: 9-11-2021 6:27pm
  • Gender: trans n maybe some xenos idk (he/they/it + any neo/noun pronounz)
  • Fuckin Ur Mom, Ur Mom's Bed, Ur Mom's Coochie
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hi lol

jay, 11, pansexual

i know abt s3x and stuff :(

uhhh typing quirkz: ending stuffz with a z, t7p1ng l1k3 th1s (used to censors tr1gg3rz), i = ii

bad thingz that haz happened to me: gr0p3d by a classmate, nearly dr0wn3d by my br0th3r three times, watched my gr@ndp@ d13, @bus3d by my br0th3r :(:

kiss me, kiss me with ur eyez clozed!!! /lyr <3

yt and wattpad: gh0stf4ngz

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