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h1 lmao

Saturday Jun 19, 2021, 11:25 PM




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  • Gender: Demi-Boy (He/Him, They/Them, Ghost/Ghostself)
  • North Carolina, United States Of America
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hey lol. I'm soda, I'm a transgender demiboy (ftm) who uses neopronouns and is omnisexual. here are some things I like:

south park, warrior cats, danganronpa, stuffed toys, colors, kidcore, scenecore, rainbowcore, weirdcore, traumacore, dreamcore, twenty one pilots, Avenue Q, be more chill, mcr, green day, manga, anime, hoodies, kandi, objects shows, and typing quirks.

anyways, my YouTube is cherry.sodablood and my Wattpad is cherrysodablood. Follow me ig

im also a furry lmao

maybe i'll draw you something if you ask nicely

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