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anyone watch south park cause i'm bored as heck

Thursday Apr 8, 2021, 9:38 AM




Last online: 4-15-2021 12:28pm

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hello there i am the demon loli little that hides under your bed while you sleep

Trangender (FTM) panromatic, Demisexual

possibly a kokichi kinnin (i dunno you tell me XD)

Fandoms i'm in: danganronpa, vocaloid, assassination classroom, mother mother, minecraft, DHMIS, hazbin hotel, helluva boss, eddsworld, sanders sides, and gacha

Mental age: 6, Physical age: 14 (i am a little but not as a kink)

i'm taken by the wonderful Ghost!

i hope we can be friends because i am a very lonely person

BTW click the link you won't regret it >:3



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