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Just another empty void lost in the stream of consciousness. //// i luv: Daria, Riotgrrrl/Sistagrrrl RIOT/grunge/ experimental/ goth/ dream pop/ pop punk/ electronic/ vocaloid music, anime, traveling, eating unhealthy shit XD, making kandi, and bullying racists.

animes i luv: nana, lain, paradise kiss, oniisama e, strawberry panic, madoka magica, shugo chara, skip beat, sasameki not, hourou musko, aoi hana, marmalade boy, beck, gokinjo monogatari, sailor moon, the wallflower, perfect blue, belladnna of sadness, peach girl, angel's egg

artists I luv: hole, L7, dream wife, veruca salt, dazey and the scouts, deftones, aphex twin, molchat doma, babymetal , my bloody valentine, bikini kill, babes in toyland, kittie, the living tombstone, grimes, daoko, le tigre, jazmín bean, coctaeu twins, depeche Mode, haru nemuri, bauhaus, puzzle, Christian death, Lebanon hanover, she past away, crystal castles, sonic youth, nirvana, band maid, melanie martinez

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