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new about me:

hello my name is Oliver or Ollie, whichever one you prefer to use for me.

I'm transgender and currently unlabeled (definitely queer in someway but i'm too tired to figure out my sexuality right now.) + polyamorous

my pronouns are he/it.

the fandoms i'm currently in are madness combat, south park, creepypasta, deltarune, undertale, eddsworld, homestuck, SCP, the walten files, roblox myths, and the saw franchise (and literally any other horror movies)

oh and I love analog horror and true crime, the entireity of the horror genre is just my favorite.

I enjoy watching kubz scouts, schlatt, swaggersouls, and deadmeat. :thumbsup:

I listen to a lot of nu-metal, indie, rock, sometimes indie pop if i'm in the right mood for it, and crystal castles.

i'm mexican lol


kins: Edd, Napstablook, Mikan, and Kris.


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