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Monday Nov 8, 2021, 9:14 AM




Last online: 12-11-2021 11:39pm
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  • Hell On Earth But Smaller, Hell On Earth But Small, Hell On Earth
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User used to be @shadowthehedgehog_fan :33haaai im Cadaver!!!

i luuuv sonic the hedgehog and especially shadow!!!!!!! shadow is my favorite

I ALSO LUUV DELTARUNE AND UNDERTALE!!! Mettaton is my fav UT character!! and Jevil and Rouxls Kaard are my fav DR characters :3333I ALSO LIKE GENSHIN IMPACT Diluc is my husband and the love of my life forever (he came home the other day also !! i finally got him im so happy)

i am a selfshipper!! i love fictional men im married to a lot of them by the way

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DISLIKES AND DISCOMFORTS:!!!!!!!!!!

cannibalism makes me uncomfy

If u call people posers or whatever cuz u think they're not scene or emo enough or whatever ur kinda lame

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Shadow Perler!!!
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