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Making patterns makes my eyes go buggy-

Tuesday Feb 16, 2021, 8:13 PM




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Age ; 24

Pronouns ; They/Them (but honestly I respond to all neo pronouns and he/him)

Likes ; Weeb sh!t, Cosplaying, Bones, Creepy sh!t, Spicy food, "Menhera", (Horrible personal trauma based jokes,) and Kandi

Dislikes ; Toxic gatekeepers, children

Socials ;

TikTok - fishbone_desu

Instagram - fishbone_desu

DeviantArt (nothing posted, purged profile a while ago. Will post...eventually ^^;) - kawaii-potato96

Wattpad (haven't uploaded anything in years tho ) - AliceAnator1000

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Miku Hatsune
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Gakupo Kamui
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