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ok who tf stole my touchscreen pen?? i WILL break ur neck.

Friday Feb 5, 2021, 9:12 AM




Last online: 5-25-2021 8:01am
  • Gender: Genderfluid (she/he/they/bug or bugself/plant or plantself/doll or dollself)
  • Lmanburg, In A State Of Constant And Cronic Pain, Country
  • Profile Views: 366

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jUs+ 4 93nd3RfLu1d|p4n|@r+1st @nD K4nD1 K1d, 1 C4n´T W41t 2 m3et u!!

1n+3r3s+z : dSmP, 831n9 4nN0y1n9, Dr4w1n9, n0t MucH R34l1y.

[just a genderfluid|pan|artist and kandi kid, i can't wait to meet you!!

interests : Dsmp, Being Annoying, Drawing, not much really.]

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