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Horse in my room.

Friday Jan 5, 2024, 7:18 AM




Last online: 7-23-2024 8:45am
  • Gender: uhhh boy (he/him )
  • Hadal, Zone, United States
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fairly interested in marine biology

inch rests: homestuck (zahhaks my beloved), pokemon, umm. miitopia. splatoon. psychonauts (sasha nein...). yokai watch also. i forgot literally everything else sorry. theres more i swear

odds are i will not start the conversation and also umm. i go really inactive on here because i only log on at school or when i'm horrendously bored lawl

mitski the front bottoms the smiths fan on cod for eel no carp

i heart animals and deep sea creatures and silly little kitties and also horses now apparently.

(i am a minor but i dont mind interacting with adults too much)

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