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Heya! Welcome to my page!

Well now there ur here lemme tell u about myself! Hi im Gh0st! Im a huge kandi fan, as is anyone on this site, and my big dream is to go a rave!Lemme tell u some uninteresting facts about me that you will never care about or will ever need!

  • I'm a cancer
  • I'm a huge Walten files and fnaf fan!
  • I'm a huge simp for Aoyama from Mha and Pico from fnf or Pico's school!
  • I'm scared of stairs ;-;
  • My favorite kind of Kandi to make is double x 3d cuffs! they look nice but take forever to do.
  • I enjoy stationary! I have a huge collection of stickers to markers!

Well yea, that's everything I feel comfy sharing publicly, maybe if u be my friend, we can learn more about each other!

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Pico Kandi Necklace!
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