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"In the face of extermination, say FUCK YOU!" -Gerard Way

Saturday May 6, 2023, 3:55 AM




Last online: 5-27-2023 3:17pm
  • Gender: genderqueer (any pronouns are fine, but i refer to myself with he/them)
  • The 9th Circle Of Hell
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♢ ~ I'm Jinxx, but if we're close friends you can call me Jey for short! ~ ♢

♈︎ ~ 17 and an Aries ~ ♈︎

☆ ~ I’m a weird amalgamation of emo, punk, and kandicore, I'm a furry (fursona’s name is Dead, he/him), and a chaotic lesbian with a soft spot for Gerard Way ;) ~ ☆

⨺⃝ ~ I'm a therian, my theriotypes are a house cat (specifically a grey and white tabby) and a Grey Fox ~ ⨺⃝

♫ ~ My favorite band is My Chemical Romance (i am honestly not normal about them lmao), but I also love Pierce The Veil, The Used, and Paramore ~ ♫

♡ ~ My hobbies include sewing, fursuit making, kandi/perler, digital (and sometimes traditional) art, and playing the guitar/bass, creating music, and songwriting ~ ♡

❖ ~ I'm always looking for new friends so feel free to message me! ~ ❖

✎ ~ Pfp lineart is by LinkMuffins on DeviantArt, color and backround by me ~ ✎

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