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♪ i see a dreamer - CG5 ♪ | spooky season :D | rancherduo needs more fics on ao3 this is a crime

Tuesday Oct 4, 2022, 7:28 AM




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please read my carrd/pronoun page b4 interacting! it holds more info abt me! thank you ♡


☆ hihi! im wilbur/ranboo/faerie/mellohi/ghostbur/rev/+more names (dont use just one, I have a lot for a reasons /srs)

☆ they/he/it/fae/star/cat/+neos!! i hoard neos n xenogenders || biromantic-gay, transmasc, demisexual, aroaceflux, poly, xenohoarder || rad inclus!

☆ 13 yo!! (adults r fine to interact /g!!) || ENFP || taurus, capricorn rising, sagittarius moon !!

☆ im poc!! japanese & indigenous :)

☆ im autistic!! as well as adhd, bpd, cptsd, OSDD-1B and physically disabled. tone tags needed w/ me!! /g

☆ otherkin & ficitonkin :)) kintypes in carrd <3

☆ i've been making kandi since 2020!! :D, my aesthetic changes a lot but its mostly rly colorful like kidcore/decora!!!

☆ I've been cosplaying since may 2019!! my next cosplay is most likely going to be scott smajor (empires smp s2!!)

☆ streamers/youtubers I like: dream, wilbur soot, tommyinnit, tubbo, ranboo, skeppy, badboyhalo, karl jacobs, georgenotfound, sapnap, solidaritygaming, scott smajor, ldshadowlady, coryxkenshin, daz games, danny gonzalez,

☆ some things i like : mcyt, dsmp, osmp, empires smp, hermitcraft, life series, yandere high school, EVO smp, animals, writing, drawing, true crime, stimboards, the owl house, adventure time, anime, cosplay, makeup, homestuck, editing, minecraft, 12 minutes, space/stars, luca, stranger things, n vocaloid! rest of my interests are in my carrd!

☆ DNI : mcyt antis (some of yall are fine but like,, mm. thin ice.) basic DNI criteria, anti neoprn/xenogender, anti-kin, anti-self dx, against good faith identities, transmed, TERF, pro-ana/ed/SA!! rest of dni in carrd :))

☆ I am the cringiest person alive and i dont care what u think of it :3 !!

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