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Tuesday Sep 14, 2021, 9:14 AM




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  • Gender: enderman. (he/they + a million neos. )
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" 3V3RY80DY L1K3Z Y0U !!!!"

|| Heyo I'm Wilbur (+ Lots of other names.) || I'm the host of a introject heavy DID system of 22. (body is a minor.) || I'm bisexual, genderfluid, pronoun/genderhoarder, pangender, demi and poly. || I make kandi sometimes, mostly singles :D || autistic + adhd and suspected schizophrenia. || Main fandoms are Dsmp (+ mcyt's in general.), Danganronpa, YTTD, TBHK, Nekopara (the anime) True Crime and PASWG. || Current fixations are Dsmp, Gender collecting and True Crime. || My en.pronoun.page is heavenlyghostboy :] || Not super active here !!! Our discord is The Jubilee System <3#3884 if you wanna talk more often!! || I am. a catboy. meow. || toxic dsmp antis plz dni :(

"3V3RY80DY L13D T0 Y0U !!!"

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Sapnap Cosplay,, :OO
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