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scott brainrot hours??????.?.?

Sunday Aug 29, 2021, 6:22 AM




Last online: 8-28-2021 12:47pm
  • Gender: bigender (male and nonbinary) (they/he/xe/it/meow)
  • Kinzville , Webkinz World
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howdy! my name is kit, i’m 16, & started making kandi in january this year! it’s a really great outlet & helps keep my hands busy :]

i am autistic & my special interests are webkinz, littlest pet shop, plushies in general, minecraft, & hermitcraft!!

some other notable interests are furry related stuff, empires smp, lemon demon, 3rd life smp, genshin impact, internet culture, squishmallows, beanie babies/beanie boos/ty plush, inanimate insanity, & battle for dream island!

i’m also hyperfixated on scott smajor right now!

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