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( /^ω^)/ ♪♪ two trucks - lemon demon | HAHA II HAVE GENDER ENVY 4 KiiANKORE- AAAAAA- /POS

Sunday Jun 13, 2021, 4:31 AM




Last online: 6-14-2021 4:40am
  • Gender: nonbiinary trans boy // pronounhoarder (they/it/he/bug/bunny/bee/furby)
  • Somewhere Iin New York !, Probably
  • https://biggering.carrd.co/#
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──── bunni / elliot / furby (ˊ˘ˋ*) ─────

ii'm 13 , ii age regress (3-6) , n speak iin thiird person sumtiimez!! (also ii'm nd so pls use tone tagz when ya can !!)

nonbiinary trans boy // pronounhoarder // abroromantiic // demiisexual

ii put songz ii liike iin my status msg frequently !!!

prolly wont use my quiirk much iin commentz but ii wiill 4 msgs :]

stuff iim iin2:

mcyt, dsmp, oriigiinz smp, furbiiez, fnaf, anciient megafauna, n cotc!!

iim iin2 a ton of diifferent musiic so iif ur curiious abt iit just ask n ii can send you my playliist !!


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