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its not MY fault ii hyperfixated on a green lanky man n his cut song for a month >:( /hj

Sunday Feb 28, 2021, 6:19 PM




Last online: 2-28-2021 5:11pm

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  • hihi!! u can call me bunni/bunnicula or astrid!!1 i'm 13,, ii age regress sometimes, n speak in thiird person occasionally,, also ii'm nd so pls use tone tags when ya can :DD!! (make sure to check out my pronouny for all my pronounz cos they'ren't all on here!!1)
  • ii like the dream smp, sanders siides ,, craig 0f the creek,, and a bunch of other stuff! ii like to draw n write and ii really like making kandi!1!!
  • current hyperfixati0nz: kandi, dream smp, extinct megafauna !!!1
  • i really like musiic too!! ii listen to a lot of melaniie martinez, mother mother,, penelope sc0tt, cosmo sheldrake, bowie bugs,, n stuff like that!! my fav song is biggering from the lorax soundtrack!! (i'm not a kiinnie, you aRE- /j)
  • if we have somethin in common don't be shy n send me a friend request !!

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