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hey !! just letting u guys know, im really bad at conversating,,,,,, really bad. :(( but i try my best and i try not to be a dry texter but its really hard and talking with people often makes me feel really sick and feel shakey and fidgety and its really stressful. so pls bear with me !! im trying my best

Wednesday Mar 3, 2021, 2:08 PM




Last online: 4-26-2021 9:12pm
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hi hi hi !!! im entity ! i'm working on names but i'll figure it out eventually !! :0

my current pronoun list is he/him, spider/spiderself, and ender/enderself !!

my interests: danganronpa, you're turn to die, MINECRAFT !!, vocaloid, and stardew valley !!!

my highest kins: nagito komaeda, kokichi oma, kaede akamatsu, bakugo katsuki, tamaki amajiki, and kousei arima (you're lie in april !!)

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