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*tips homestuck horns* m'lady

Friday Apr 15, 2022, 11:35 AM




Last online: 5-17-2022 7:02pm
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hi!!! my name is atlas. you can also call me cro :]

my neopronouns change a lot but i alvways use he/him/his and xe/xim/xis

my current hyperfixation is homestuck but ill talk your ear off about almost anything

im a cronus ampora kinnie dont come for my blood please

i listen to lots of different kinds of music. it really depends on vwhat mood im in. recently ivwe been listening to a lot of vwill vwood

dni if you are a: dream stan, homophobe/transphobe, anti-neoprounoun/neogender, pro-map, proshipper, or just an asshole

discord: ☆ icosa ☆#0550

trollian: auguryTroubadour

dms are open. i might not respond quickly because im not very activwe on here anymore.

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