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Longing for Poptarts™️

Tuesday Mar 16, 2021, 11:48 PM




Last online: 3-17-2021 1:54pm
  • Gender: Demigorl lmao (they/she/it/bee)
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Heya! You can call me Blebbles or Bubbles, nice to meet ya ^u^

I started making kandi at like the very end of December 2020 *quarantine thingz* and honestly I'm so proud of the kandi I've made so far!

My interests :)

  • Making kandi (ofc)
  • Reading Harry Potter fanfiction (Hoo boy, I'm really out here exposing myself today aren't I-)
  • Playing Minecraft & ACNH (Pm me if you'd like 2 play together! :D)
  • Being a Chaotic Gay™️
  • Eating yogurt
  • Looking thru Beadtin hehe
My kinss!!

I kin Bellatrix Lestrange and Luna Lovegood with every inch of my being ajhjjsdjhs <3

Feel free to pm me if u wanna b frens, but please remember that I am a minor so that should b pretty self-explanatory and I will report if u send something nasty :|

Otherwise thanks 4 checking out my profile and stay safe!

Blebbles ùwú

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