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GUESS WHO'S HOME LOSERS /silly Took a break from kandi stuff but now we're back in business baby! So excited to be making stuff again!!!

Thursday Jun 13, 2024, 6:24 PM




Last online: 6-13-2024 6:19pm
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Heyo!!! My Name's Arcade and I'm 20! I'm a cosplayer and an artist, and I finally started making kandi in December 2020!! Atm I'm really into DnD, MCYT, and Dimension 20!! If you wanna chat abt anything feel free to msg me!! (can't promise I'll reply super quick tho so sorry if I don't see it immediately ;w;)

(Also if you make one of my patterns and post it feel free to send me a msg!! I love seeing that stuff tbh)

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BOB Bracer!!
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Kandi Clown Collars!
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Kandi Clown Collar!
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