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Lalala, lalala, ma-spockity-nimoy love!

Tuesday Oct 19, 2021, 4:56 PM




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Hey! I'm James and I lurk here from time to time. I'm 17 and from Australia. I currently live in Sydney but will soon be moving to the ACT for uni.

I joined in December 2020 (I was 13, can hardly believe its been so long) and am active on the forums occasionally :)

My interests consist of video games like Half Life, MGS, VTMB, Deus Ex, TF2 and System Shock. I really love games and play them on PC, my ps3 or ps5. I like shows like Duckman, The X-Files, Jackass and King of the Hill. I just fucking love cartoons. I also love webcartoons and Newgrounds.

In terms of music, right now I'm obsessed with the Beastie Boys (my fav is Mike D) and also LOVE Limp Bizkit. I'm a big Mike Patton fan too.

Note: I feel like my PFP or name don't represent me at all now... BUT I'm keeping it for the little bit of 13 year old James that I still have with me!\

Anyway, shoot me a DM! I love talking to new people. especially if you're aussie. we gotta stick together yknow? :)

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