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Saturday Mar 20, 2021, 11:44 PM




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  • Gender: Nonbinary (They/them)
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Hey!!! I'm Cecil my pronouns are They/Them.

I only recently started making Kandi and Perlerbeads but I really enjoy making patterns. I have a very small collection of them but I hope to make more.

Some things I like are,

danganronpa, sally face, legend of Zelda, Minecraft, fnaf, umbrella academy, popee the performer, creepypasta,everymanhybrid, marble hornets

I also like to, cosplay and draw

I kin, nagito komaeda, kokichi ouma, possibly mondo owada (danganronpa), Habit (everymanhybrid), popee the performer, and probably more

I'm kinda shy so I might not accept friend requests, or deny them so they might just sit there

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