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I'm Austin, I'm 15. I have a very random impulsive personality. Alot of people think I'm crazy because i carry furbys and stuffed animals around. I like every type of music except opera and jazz (they're weird) and my full name is Austin DeWayne Shippey... i like scary things, funny things, and funny people and scary people. I don't think Before i say things lol. My favorite bands are Hawthorne Heights and Blood on the Dance Floor. My favorite animals are dinosaurs and cats. My favorite color is blue. Some random facts about me are,... i wear almost every color skinney jeans, i watch alot of movies, i make random presents for my friends, i laugh whenever i see a strange elderly person, there is a sign on my way home from school that says peoples birthdays and me and Madi Burton announce what it says every day. I can't drink coffee because it makes me sick and crazy. I hang out with random people... i have add... i have family in California and washington... i dye my hair often, i was a vegitarian for a week, i don't laugh when I'm tickled, I'm quite short, i like old cartoons... and i always have my phone out! ^.^

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