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yoyoyo im back

Friday May 20, 2022, 1:53 PM




Last online: 5-27-2022 7:37pm
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Hellooo! I'm Shelby, welcome to my profile!

I'm a Banba/Gaijin Gyaru

Interests: Subnautica, Anything Sonic related , Vocaloid, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Doom (2016) & Doom Eternal, Lisa Frank stuff, Serial Experiments Lain, Pokemon, Soul Eater

Music Interests: Playboi Carti, Machine Girl, Harmful Logic, Loli in Early 20s, Utsu-P, Radiohead

I collect Sanrio stuff (primarily hello kitty and my melody items)

Add me on these platforms if you want:

Oculus: Jvne

Xbox: Cyber Vampss

RecRoom: .wired.

Reddit: u/mimikyu-v

Discord: mimikyu#8447

Pokemon Go: reiayanami10

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