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why didnt you stop me. why

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what part of my reality is the dream. is it the good part?

hello, my names is mars/marsh, a few of my nicknames are hollow, miro, and fizzy ^.^ ! i am constantly stuck inside of my head and trying to figure out more about myself and this world around me. some of my favorite things are true crime, skateboarding, drawing, ddlc, anime, bats, crystals, and horror + psychological horror. i love mr nightmare, coryxkenshin, bella boo, + markiplier

<<my favorite bands and musicians are twenty one pilots, get scared, lorna shore, saphir, arctic monkeys, the offspring, tyler the creator, paramore, la dispute, falling in reverse, slipknot, wilbur soot, mcr, willow, carpet garden, melanie martinez, pierce the veil, and i like a few more>>

i like rock, punk, and screamo + i love weirdcore scenecore and emo styles


⸸ in the end there is no greater motivation than revenge ⸸

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