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what part of my reality is the dream. is it the good part?

hello, my names are mars/marsh and hollow! i am constantly stuck inside of my head and trying to figure out more about myself and this world around me. im asexual meaning to me i have no sexual desire or attraction for any beings. some of my favorite things are true crime, creepypasta, steven universe, bats, crystals, and tim burton movies. i love mcyt, mr nightmare, coryxkenshin, markiplier

<<my favorite bands and musicians are twenty one pilots, get scared, tyler the creator, la dispute, falling in reverse, mother mother, wilbur soot, mcr,jazmin bean, carpet garden, melanie martinez, pierce the veil, fear factory, and i like a few more>>

i like rock, punk, and screamo + i love weirdcore scenecore and emo


<3 i have a wonderful s/o <3

share kins?

stay alive for me it takes more damage holding on than letting go


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