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you have no plans for me i will set my soul on fire what have i become im sorry

Friday Feb 26, 2021, 10:27 AM




Last online: 2-24-2021 6:01am

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hello, my names are mars and hollow! i am constantly stuck inside of my head and trying to figure out more about myself and this world around me. im asexual meaning to me i have no sexual desire or attraction for any beings. some of my favorite things are true crime, steven universe, bats, crystals, jojos bizarre adventure, and tim burton movies. im a part of a lot of fandoms i tried to write a list and was like O.o i love mcyt, imallexx, and dope or nope aha

<<my favorite bands and interests are twenty one pilots, icp, VACATIONS, la dispute, mother mother, wilbur soot, mcr, omi alba, carpet garden, dashboard confessional, +>>


<3 i have a wonderful s/o <3

share kins?

stay alive and stay safe


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