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nya :3

Wednesday May 5, 2021, 8:47 AM




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haiiii!!1! im cris, just a random sc3n3 kid lik3 3v3ryon3 3ls3 h3r3 lawl xD.

i lik3 danganronpa, hom3stuck, invad3r zim, your turn to di3, kak3gurui, and som3 other stuff too. :3 and of cours3, making kandi!1!!

my favorit3 bands/artists ar3 mcr, 100 g3cs, k3$ha, machin3 girl, br3ath3 carolina, bmth, and other w3ird stuff :P

f33l fr33 to m3ssag3 m3, i n33d mor3 sc3n3 fri3nds!!1!!! :3

i kinda hav3 a typing quirk and i r3plac3 th3 l3tt3r E with 3,, if u n33d m3 to translat3 just lmk, no biggi3!!!1!

if u wanna s33 my kinlist and know mor3 schtuffs abt m3 ch3ck out my carrd!!1!! ^_^

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Kandi Lac3s!!!!!!!!
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Monokuma Kandi Cuff!
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